Nursery Rhymes

We’ve started looking at Nursery Rhymes in Junior Infants. They are really helping us learn to read! We start by saying the nursery rhyme, and then we READ it ALL! Ms Harris nearly tried to take some children back to 6th class with her because they were reading such tricky words! Nursery rhymes are a great way to build confidence and fluency in language and reading. IMG_3514


Baking buns

The Junior Infant children have had the most amazing start to the school year. They have been absolutely fantastic at listening, tidying up, playing creatively, being kind to one another, making new friends, learning people’s names, and so much more than I have space to list!

The children can earn stars as a whole class when they are all pulling together to achieve something. They earned enough stars to do some baking. Here are some pictures of the children enjoying their buns!


Computer time and buddies!

Every Wednesday, we head up to the computer room to practise our mouse skills. We are working on moving the mouse and clicking on the right place on the mouse. It is tricky to hold such a big mouse with such little hands! This is the link to the game we are using.



We are also interacting lots with our buddies – walks, reading and bake sales! Here’s a link to the 6th class blog post about our walk to the old school.




Epic Books!

We love books in Junior Infants! This month, we are discovering the magic of Julia Donaldson. It’s really tricky not to give away spoilers from books we already have read!

We also look at books for the different topics that we’re learning about. I’d like to share an online resource called Epic!. It’s basically an online library, and it’s free to teachers and students. I have added books to an ‘assignment’ list to keep you up to date with topics that we’re looking at in school. The books aren’t always the best, but hopefully there are enough meaty ones for it to be worth it! This is just a resource that we use in the classroom, don’t feel there’s any expectation to look at any of this at home!Capture

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Current Junior Infant Reads


Fun with vowels

The Junior Infant children have been doing an amazing job with the sounds that they have been learning. They are really super at recognising the first sound in words. This week, we started learning about vowels and why they are so important. Did you know that there’s a vowel sound in every word!? (We haven’t learned about sneaky y yet, but it normally would put on a vowel sound mask.) We played a game where we had to figure out the vowel sound in the middle of a word (eg. red, bus, mat, dig, fog). We even started spelling some words!! Go Junior Infants!!



Pyjama day!

We had great fun today being cozy in our PJs all day long! Lots of the visitors to our classroom thought that we had forgotten to get dressed for school! Pyjama day has always been done around week 5 of the school year, starting when Junior Infants did one sound a week and p was the fifth sound to learn. Although the way we learn our sounds is different, the tradition remains the same. Thanks to all the children for participating!


Stations in Junior Infants

We do lots of active learning in Junior Infants, and this is currently through stations.

1. Stations for morning play where there is a focus on fine motor development,

2. Maths stations where we normally tackle an early mathematical activity and one other topic. Up until mid term we are looking at 2D and 3D shape.

3. Aistear play stations where we explore a theme through play, drama, art and more. We are also starting a conversation station which will be teacher led, and the children are already partaking in a teacher led station focusing on an area of importance eg. pencil grip, phonological awareness, blending etc.

The stations are running so smoothly now that the children have had time to learn the routines and expectations. Well done Junior Infants!